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Our Cape May, New Jersey restaurant features happy hour daily from 3:00-6:00 and guests get to enjoy half priced drinks. Every night there is live music or fun events. Join us for a night on the town.

Sundays are Open Mic 7 - 10 PM

Never A Cover Charge!

Music Every Night                 

Carroll Villa, NJ   




October 23rd  Open Mic


October 24th  Gordon Vincent

October 25th  Barry Tischler

October 26th  The Squares

October 27th  Mike Flannigan

October 28th  Jim Doran

October 29th  C Lynne

October 30th  Open Mic


October 31st  Jimm Ross

November 1st  Honey Hawks

November 2nd  Dan BarryCarroll Villa, NJ

November 3rd  Andy Reeves

November 4th  Hevee Levee

November 5th  Joe & Mike

November 6th  Open Mic


November 7th  Gordon Vincent

November 8th  Barry Tischler

November 9th  The Squares

Veteran's Happy Hour with Barry Tischler  3 - 6 PM

November 10th  Mike Flannigan

Veteran's Happy Hour with Barry Tischler  3 - 6 PM

November 11th  Geno White Jazz Weekend

November 12th   Geno White Jazz weekend

November 13th  Open Mic


November 14th  Jimm Ross

November 15th  Honey Hawks

November 16th  Dan Barry

November 17th  Andy reeves

November 18th  Nismah

November 19th  C Lynne

November 20th Open MicMadBatter-Bar-12


November 21st  Gordon Vincent

November 22nd  Barry Tischler

November 23rd  The Squares

November 24th            Closed Thanksgiving

November 25th Jim Doran

November 26th  Mike Flannigan

November 27th  Open Mic


November 28th  Jimm Ross

November 29th Honey Hawks

November 30th Dan Barry

December 1st     Andy reeves

December 2nd    Geno White

December 3rd     Joe & Mike

December 4th     Open Mic


December 5th     Gordon Vincent

December 6th     Barry Tischler

December 7th     The Squares

December 8th     Mike Flannigan

December 9th     Hevee Levee

December 10th   C Lynne

December 11th   Open Mic


December 12th  Jimm Ross

December 13th  Honey Hawks

December 14th  Dan Barry

December 15th  Andy Reeves

December 16th  Jim Doran

December 17th  Robin & Amy

December 18th  Open Mic


December 19th  Gordon Vincent

December 20th  Barry Tischler

December 21st   The Squares

December 22nd  Mike Flannigan

December 23rd   Robin & Amy

December 24th        Closed Christmas

December 25th         Closed Christmas


December 26th  Jimm Ross

December 27th  Honey Hawks

December 28th  Dan Barry

December 29th  Andy Reeves

December 30th  Nismah

December 31st  Jim Doran

January 1st    Open Mic


We have art on exhibit at the Mad Batter year-round in our dining room and gallery room. All artwork is for sale.

2016 Mad Batter Art Shows in the Gallery Room, the Main Dining Room, and the Terrace

October 6 - November 3   Artist's Reception October 9, 3 - 5 PM

  • Jimm Ross - Pastels
  • Linda Pendrak
  • Patty Nevil

November 3 - December 8   Artist's Reception November 13, 3 - 5 PM

  • Lori Erdley - Mosaics
  • Matt Loeber - Photography

December 8 - January 5   Artist's Reception December 11, 3 - 5 PM

  • Cape May Photo Club
  • Robin Huber - Mosaics
  • Betty Campbell - Pastels & Hand Turned Woodcrafts


 Upcoming events

Nov 18 - Wine Dinner  - 5 course dinner paired with wines $75

  • Fried Brie with jalapeño-orange marmalade
  • Roasted Pear and Butternut Squash Soup with maple syrup crème fraiche
  • Autumn Arugula Salad with caramelized apples, spicy pecans, sweet cranberries, and apple cider vinaigrette
  • Pan Roasted Lamb Loin with mint-pistachio au jus, roasted baby red skin potatoes, and bacon tossed brussel sprouts
  • Pumpkin Crème Brule


Dec 9 - Wine Dinner - 5 course dinner paired with wines $75

  • Fried Scallop with melted leeks and caviar remoulade
  • Cream of Cauliflower Soup with aged cheddar
  • Kale Salad tossed with dates, toasted almonds, tangerine, pomegranate, and cranberry vinaigrette
  • Veal Osso Buco with creamy scalloped potatoes and slow roasted ragu, topped with gremolata
  • Chocolate Bottom Red Velvet Cheesecake