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Carroll Villa, NJ   





















10/15   Gregg & Lara

10/16   Jimm Ross Trio


10/18   Jimm Ross

10/19   Andy Reeves

10/20   Dan Barry

10/21   Mike Flannigan

10/22   Snake Brothers

10/23   Marnie & Nate


10/25   Gregg Carpenter

10/26   Barry Tischler

10/27   The Squares

10/28   Les DeRose

10/29   Geno White Duo

10/30   Joe & Mike


11/01   Jimm Ross

11/02   Andy Reeves

11/03   Dan Barry

11/04   Mike Flannigan

11/05    Gregg & Lara

11/06   Jimm Ross Trio


11/08   Gregg Carpenter

11/09   Barry Tischler

11/10   The Squares

11/11   Les DeRose

11/12   Brian Lee

11/13   John Katity


11/15   Jimm Ross

11/16   Andy Reeves

11/17   Dan Barry

11/18   Mike Flannigan

11/19   Jim Doran

11/20   Joe & Mike


11/22   Gregg Carpenter

11/23   Barry Tischler

11/24   The Squares

11/25   Les DeRose

11/26   Snake Brothers

11/27   Geno White Trio


11/29   Jimm Ross

11/30   Andy Reeves

12/01   Dan Barry

12/02   Mike Flannigan

12/03   Patty Blee

12/04   Jimm Ross Trio


12/06   Gregg Carpenter

12/07   Barry Tischler

12/08   The Squares

12/09   Les DeRose

12/10   Jim Doran

12/11   Joe & Mike


12/13   Jimm Ross

12/14   Andy Reeves

12/15   Dan Barry

12/16   Mike Flannigan

12/17   Gregg & Lara

12/18   John Katity


12/20   Gregg Carpenter

12/21   Barry Tischler

12/22   The Squares

12/23   Les DeRose

12/24   ------closed----------

12/25   ------closed----------  


12/27   Jimm Ross

12/28   Andy Reeves

12/29   Dan Barry

12/30   Mike Flannigan

12/31   NY Eve with Jim Doran

We have art on exhibit at the Mad Batter year-round in our dining room and gallery room. All artwork is for sale.









2021 Mad Batter Art Shows in the Gallery Room, the Main Dining Room, and the Terrace















2021 Events

Tuesday, October 26 through Thursday, October 28 from 4:30 – 7:00 p.m

A three-day conference on South Jersey and Philadelphia's rich history of Negro Leagues ball clubs and their impact on baseball heritage will be held next month in Cape May.

The event features authors and historians who will present fascinating accounts of the Black ballplayers who starred on the region's teams, including the Atlantic City Bacharachs, the Philadelphia Pythians and the Cape May Giants. It will include a discussion of the career of Phillies great Dick Allen and his eligibility for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"Out of the Shadows...Into the Light" will take place Oct. 26-28 at Cape May Convention Hall. The conference is being presented by the Greater Cape May Historical Society, Cape May MAC, Congress Hall and the Mad Batter restaurant.

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